Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to PITT BALM? is Rubb different?

That's a great question that we're asked a lot. After running PITT BALM for 6 years we decided that we needed to shake things up a little. We outgrew the name and the brand and also over the years learned a lot more about deodorant formulations.  We decided to take a hard stand on irritation because we see this as an issue more and more. 

Rubb is still made by the same people that brought you PITT BALM but it is very different as we aim to be a deodorant that promises not to irritate your skin. Our new deodorant has also been formulated with kids in mind and is certified as safe to use on your children over 6 years old

Does Rubb contain Baking Soda?

No! Rubb natural deodorant does not contain baking soda. Baking Soda is an amazing ingredient for deodorising but it can cause issues with PH balance and our skin so we have opted to completely remove it from all of our formulations

What's this Irritation-free Guarantee?

We have worked hard on this formula to ensure it doesn't give you any irritation while using it. As long as you're not directly allergic to our ingredients, we guarantee it won't cause rashes and irritations like some other deodorants do. 

If you are irritated, we'll give you a full refund. 

Is Rubb vegan?

Yes! Rubb is 100% vegan friendly. We also do not test any of our products on animals.

What's the best way to apply Rubb?

Use your index finger to 'rubb' a chick-pease sized amount into clean, dry armpits. It's really important that your armpits are dry. Moist armpits give the dreadful smelly bacteria a head-start they don't need. 

Be sure to 'rubb' the deodorant in thoroughly to prevent white marks on your clothing. 
How should I store my Rubb?
Rubb natural deodorant doesn’t contain any fillers or preservatives so the best place to store it is in a nice cool dry place. Your bathroom or bedroom would work great.  

In the summer months, when temperatures are higher, you may notice a slight texture change. This is normal and wont affect the deodorant. Try to keep Rubb away from radiators and sources of heat. 
Can I recycle my old containers
Yes you certainly can. 

To help the recycling system, please rinse them in warm water to remove any deodorant residue. You can then  recycle them as you would a can of cola.

Top Tip: Give your tins a second life. Rubb tins make great travel pots. Keep them handy to store lotions, trinkets or small other items. 

Is Rubb suitable for sensitive skin?

Rubb has been formulated for people of all skin types including those with sensitive skin.  If you have particularly sensitive skin, we'd suggest you start with our Fragrance Free option. 

How long does protection last?

Rubb will give you protection for up to 24hrs. We've tested in all climates, and situations to ensure Rubb deodorant will never let you down. It's even been to Everest Base camp and Glastonbury Festival where showering is, let's say, a luxury. 

What if I'm not satisfied with the product?

If you're not satisfied with Rubb reach out to our team right away. We are only happy if you're happy. We'll jump right on the case to resolve it in whatever way we can - even if that means a full refund. 

Is Rubb safe for children?

Yes! Yes! and triple yes! Rubb has been specially formulated for this exact reason. It is safe for children over 6 years old to use and we encourage it. 
Does Rubb contain aluminium, or synthetic fragrances?
No! We do not have aluminium or baking soda in our formulation and all of our scented deodorants are made with the highest grade essential oils available. 

We also use a very low concentration of essential oils. They can also be an irritant and you know our motto is Irritation-Free Guaranteed.  
Where is Rubb made?
Rubb is proudly made in The UK. We are firm believers in supporting the local economy and we try to source as many of our products as close to home as possible.