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Welcome to a New Era: Introducing Rubb, Our Bold Rebrand

Hello to all our devoted customers and newcomers alike! Today marks a significant milestone for our company, and we are eager to share the exciting developments with you. Our journey, driven by innovation and improvement, has led us to a pivotal evolution—from Balms etc. to our new brand identity: Rubb.

The Mission for Irritation-Free

Back in 2019, we began noticing a recurring issue across several natural deodorants on the market. In the quest for effective deodorants, most brands incorporated baking soda into their formulas. While it solved the efficacy problem - this key ingredient was causing skin reactions and discomfort for many customers making the switch to natural. We felt this was not a problem we could ignore, and we knew we could do better. So, we embarked on a mission to find an improved solution - and that mission extended to three years of meticulous research, development and testing. Our perseverance paid off - with the creation of a new formula that we are so proud of, and so excited to share with you. It’s effective, it’s natural, and most importantly - it’s irritation-free.

Narrowing Our Focus

This period of evolution brought us a great deal of clarity. As we developed our new deodorant formula, we realised: this is our true calling. While previously we had ventured into body lotions and other skincare products, we observed that our strengths and our customers’ needs directed us back to the straight and narrow: focusing solely on deodorants. This focus will ensure we address the natural deodorant irritation issue comprehensively, setting a new standard in the industry, and enabling more people to switch over to natural deodorants.

A New Brand is Born

We tested our new formula in the most rigorous ways we could think of - not just different people, but also different climates, activities, and clothing. We are delighted to confirm that we achieved what we set out to achieve: our new formula is effective, and it is irritation free. We realised that this new deodorant - that solved one of the main industry problems - was truly leveling up the world of natural deodorants, and we wanted to level up our brand to reflect that. Through this natural evolutionary process, Rubb was born.

So, why "Rubb"?

Our new name signifies more than just a brand, it embodies the essence of our products: it’s simple, it’s evocative, it’s the movement you do that helps our products connect with your skin, which is what it’s all about. It’s this clean, personal touch that allows our deodorants to soothe and deodorise your underarms, and allows us to make our customers happy. 

Looking Forward

What does this mean for you, our loyal community?

It means enhanced products, the quality you expect, with a better formula and new and improved look. And it means innovative solutions: With a laser focus on deodorants, we’re poised to revolutionise how you think about and use this essential product.

We are thrilled to step into this new chapter as Rubb and are incredibly grateful for your continued support and feedback. It has always been your loyalty and engagement that fuel our commitment to being the best we can be.

Stay tuned for what’s coming next—there’s much more to "Rubb"!